Curriculum Vitae


Name : Timo Haverinen
Birth and place of birth : 20.09.1967, Joensuu
E-mail : Mail to Timo
Living place : Vantaa, Finland
Phone : Yes : )
Marital status : Married, hapily

In a nutshell

I have the ability to identify the big picture and then find the essential function of the important details. In my working years, I specialized in reporting and billing expert. I've also been the experience, through my duties, management of projects, processes planning and problem-solving.

I will get along well with different kind of people. I am a logical and mathematically oriented, so many problems are the positive challenges for me. My strength is definitely in the excellent capacity for absorption, and good stress tolerance.

I have always been open to new challenges, regardless of whether I had no prior experience in the task or technology. I can also look to the challenges offered alternative approaches. So I am easy to bend into new and challenging tasks.

Work experience

Enfo Oyj (formerly: Enfo Rongo Oy and Rongo Oy), Espoo 12.2011 - present

IT Manager at CIO Office, 03.2019 - present
Management and development of Enfo's internal IT services and data security.
• Lifecycle Services Management and Development (Finland / Sweden)
• License entity tracking (MS) and management support
• Management and coordination of internal development projects
• Development and design of service models and processes
• Coordination of onsite services
• Budget planning support

Talent Acquisition Manager, Service Development, People Operations 01.2018 - 02.2019
• Reforming the recruitment process, with responsibility for Finland.
  Reforming the recruitment process to meet today's needs. Building and moving the recruitment process into an in-house process.

Initially, I worked in a development team during modeling and running-in of the recruitment process (about half a year). We then moved on to the Peoples Operation team, which is more commonly known as HR. Continuous monitoring and development of the recruitment process and new operating models, along with actual recruitment.

• Modeling, designing and running in new practices
• Reform of job announcements: Content, Points of Interest
• Enhancing the use of social media: FB, LI, IG
• Taking over new market channels: FB, LI, others
• Testing new experimental recruitment: Trainee Program
• Team expansion: Finland +1, Sweden +2
• Deployment of a new intelligent recruitment software: TalentAdore
• Tracking Applicant Experience: 4.2 / 5
• Part-time Initiation: Engaging the Best Applicants
• Transferring development to production and tracking.

The benefits of the change were remarkable in many ways. Significant growth figures were achieved in terms of reach, visibility and number of applicants. The cost structure of recruitment also developed favorably from our point of view. In part, the reform reduced the handicap shortage caused by our recruitment.

Consulting Manager (AMS) 05.2017 - 02.2018
• Maintenance Team Manager (12 people)
• Service / Customer Responsibilities
• Continuous Application Management Services (12 Customers)

- Maintenance Team Personnel Hire and Managerial Work
- Service / Customer Master Tasks
- Customer Reporting and Billing
- Expert Control and Organisation
- Participation in project work in expert roles

Senior Consultant (BI/DW/Automation) 12.2011 - 04.2017
• Enfo Rongo's SAS competency responsible (2013-2017).
• Enfo Rongo's IBM Cognos Command Center product responsible (2015-2018).
• Employer Member of Enfo Rongo's Extented Managing Board (2016-2018).

• Microsoft BI / IBM Cognos Reporting Studio -consulting (05.2016-2018)
- IBM Data Manager jobs integration to SSIS.
- Moving Excel reports to Cognos Reporting Studio

• IBM Cognos Command Center (03.2015-2017)
  Extensive DW-ETL-reporting entities driving automation in design and implementation.
- Working with: IBM CCC, Agent Job SQL Server, CMD/SSIS/SQL/CUBE scripts, SSIS Execution Manager, etc.

• Customers: Metso (AMS, IBM CCC), Valmet (AMS, IBM CCC), Sanoma (AMS, MSBI/SSIS), Fazer (SSIS/DV), Veho (IBM CCC), Tamro (SSIS/IBM CRS), Mehiläinen (SSIS), SOK (IBM CCC), Orion (SSIS), Veikkaus (VA Technology study).

Senior Consultant (BI/DW)
• SSIS consultancy: DW/ETL/reporting support (6mth).
  Flow-through reporting, definition and technical realization.
- Working with: SSIS, Rongo Oivaltava (SSIS accelerator), Theobald (SAP addon to SSIS), ER-Studio, SQL Management Server.

• QlikView Consultancy: QlikView reporting (3mth)
  P&L report, modeling and Implementation.
- Working with: QlikView 11, ER/Studio.

• SAS/Teradata Consultancy: EDW project in insurance company (8mth).
  DataVault/TD BiTemporal implementation.
• SAS/Teradata Consultancy: DW project in insurance company (3mth).
  AKTU DW project.
• SAS/Teradata Consultancy: DW project in insurance company (6mth).
  Solvency2 project in insurance company.
- Working with: SAS Data integration Studio 4.5, ER/Studio, Teradata, AQT.

• SAS Consultancy: Making reporting data (2mth).
- Working with: SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3.

• Talend consultancy: ETL/ELT -processes, migrations (9mth).
- Working with: Talend, IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Oracle SQL Developer, (SharePoint2010).

• Customers: Metso (IBM CCC), Valmet (IBM CCC), Orion (SSIS), Atea (QlikView), LähiTapiola (SAS/TeraData), Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Talend conversion).

Avarea Oy, Helsinki (formerly: Wisepoint Oy) 11.2008-11.2011 (3 years 1 month)

Senior Consultant (SAS/BI)
• SAS consultancy, billing, and reporting.
• Management Reporting, Business Intelligence, analysis and reporting solutions.

• Security-audit planning and execution with KPMG consultants (TILMA)
• Working with several softwares, vendors and environments: SAS9.2; DIS9.2, EG4.2/4.3, (JMP8/9).

• Main customers: State Treasure (TILMA), OP-Pohjola Group (reporting of dept collection)
  OP-Pohjola Group (consulting and helping to transfer Pohjola’s Mainframe SAS from Logica to Tieto),
  Scandic Hotels, Statistics Finland/Tilastokeskus, Finnish lottery/Veikkaus.
• Smaller projects: Fonecta (QlikView), Itella (Senni), Valio (ATRA/MYRA),
  QlikView8.5, Excel, WindowsServer2003-2008, Virtual enviroments.

Logica Finland Oy, Helsinki (formerly: WM Data and Pohjolan ATK) 10.2002-10.2008 (6 years 1 month)

Process Manager (customer reporting) 10.2006-10.2008 (2years 1 month)
• Responsible for Infra Solutions Finland-level reporting to clients.
• The development, documentation, production and deployment of changes.
• In addition, I designed, developed and maintain the automated client reporting and end-user portal
  (WSS 3.0 + SQL + SSRS). This portal was 50 companies and 600 client users.
  Logica has chosen this solution for one of their global customer reporting solutions (2011/2012).
• Member of the Occupational Health Working Group 06-08.

System specialist/Professional (reporting) 09.2005-10.2006 (1 year 2 months)
• Billing and Reporting
• Working environment: SAS, EG, Itrm, ITCM, z / OS, Statistical and reporting tools.
• Management of MS SharePoint Portal (WSS 2.0).
• The portal was a 3 +1 client companies and about 500 users.

System Advisor 10.2002-08.2005 (2years 10 months)
• Customers include: Pohjola, Suomi, and Ilmarinen.
• User guidance, and problem situations solving.
• Software, networks, and peripherals.
• Customer Interface projects.

The Ministry of Defense / United Nations, EttTaibe, South Lebanon 10.2000-10.2001 (1 year 1 month)

Chief of the Command Center
• Workload planning and resource allocation.
• Rank: SGT (Sergeant)
• Other tasks during the operation: radio operator, driver, team leader

Fenestra Oy / Kuopio 06.1996-11.2001 (5 years 5 months)

Fixture Mechanich
• Working on the team and the acquiring the theory team in practice.
  Processes and teams, and cooperation between them.
• Production processes of acquiring control, metering and production efficiency.
  Learning how to processes more efficient and maximizing productivity.
• Making windows all of the stages: Aluminum external framework. Preparation and finishing work.
  The glass cutting with machine and by hand, glazing, glazing specialist. Painting.
  Warehouse maintenance tasks, etc., etc.

Oikea asema Oy, local commercial radio station, Kuopio, Finland 07.1987-11.1988 (1 year 4 months)

A freelance journalist / voice balancer
• Local radios typical multi-tasks duties
• News and transmission. Ad Designing. Driving and monitoring programs.

KuopionIänj, Radio station, Kuopio, Finland 02.1987-05.1987 (3 months)

Editor / trainee

Ohjelmatoimisto T & J Oy, Kuopio, Finland 06.1987-09.2000 (13 years 3 months)

Announcer / presenter of music / DJ / sound balancer
• DJ Timi
• DJ and Club gigs.
• Host of the evenings (weddings, fairs, stores, and sporting events etc.).

Environmental administration (vesi• ja ympäristöhallitus), Kuopio, Finland 06.1984-11.1990

The multi-skilled land- and water construction worker
• Fixed-term contracts


08.2002-(09.2006 unfinished) Espoo Vantaa Polytechnic, Helsinki, Vantaa, Finland
Computer Engineering / Bachelor, Orientation: Communications Technology
• Success extent about 90% (06/2007: 180/240SP (120/160SW))
• Missing: Swedish language, diploma (15SW) and internship (10SW) [SP=StudyPoints SW=StudyWeeks]

08.1992-05.1994 Pohjois-Savon Technical College, Kuopio, Finland
Electrical engineering, mechanic, computer technology / secondary school graduate
• The student government president 92-93

08.1983-05.1987 Kallavesi high school, graduated
• The student government president, two seasons 84-86

08.1974-05.1983 Primary school, secondary school Hatsala, Kuopio, Finland

Conferences and forums


03.2014 SAS Global forum, SAS, Washington
2008 - 2013 SAS Forum Finland, SAS Institute Finland, Helsinki


04.2013 Teradata Universe, EMEA, Teradata, Copenhagen

Additional training

10.2013 - 12.2013 QlikView 11, QlikTech Finland, Helsinki
• Partner workshop

03.2013 QlikView 11, QlikTech Finland, Helsinki / Rongo Oy, Espoo
• Developer & Designer

06.2012 SSIS Basics: SQL Server Integration Services, Rongo Oy, Espoo
03.2012 MDM-training: Talend open profiler ja IBM QualityStage, basics, Rongo Oy, Espoo
12.2011 Data Warehouse modeling, Using ER-Studio for the DW modeling, Rongo Oy, Espoo
12.2011 Data Warehouse modeling, Basics, Rongo Oy, Espoo

08.2011 SAS Data Flux, SAS Institute Oy, Espoo
• Data Management Studio
• Integration with SAS DI Studio

12.2009 SAS 9.2 Macros 2 advanced cource, SAS Institute Oy, Espoo

12.2009 QlikView 9, QlikTech Finland, Helsinki
• Designer 1 & 2
12.2009 QlikView 9, QlikTech Finland, Helsinki
• Developer 1 & 2

SAS ® 9.2 Master Class, SAS Institute Inc., Espoo, Finland / Certified
03.2009 Data Warehousing and Architecture:
• SAS ® Data Integration Studio, Platform Administration Fast Track, certification test preparation
02.2009 Data Presentation and Reporting: SAS Business Intelligence Fast Track
• SAS ® Web Report Studio, Add-in for Microsoft Office, Information Delivery Portal, Enterprise Guide, stored Processes, OLAP, reporting, SAS Visual BI
01.2009 Data collation and editing:
• SAS ® Programming, Macros, SQL how to use it in SAS

11.2008 Programming 1 SAS 9.1.3, SAS Institute Inc., Espoo, Finland
11.2008 SAS 9.1.3 Architecture 1, SAS Institute Inc., Espoo, Finland

05.2008 SharePoint 2007 Application Development, Sovelto, Helsinki, Finland
05.2008 MOSS 2007: 5061 Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Sovelto, Helsinki, Finland
04.2008: SharePoint Forms: Office 2007 and InfoPath ‘Forms Services’ -forms, Sovelto, Helsinki, Finland

09.2007 Mainframe Training: Introduction to IBM Mainframe Computers • z / OS Basics, IBM Forum, Helsinki

09.2006 z/OS environment training program: z/OS environment, the basic concepts, Helia Polytechnic, Helsinki, Finland

01.2005 F-Secure Policy Manager Certification, Stadia Polytechnic / F-Secure
01.2005 F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security • Internet Shield • Certificat, amk/F• Secure Stadia

Other IT courses

02.2003 ITohjelm: Office 2003 New Features / FCS
12.2003 ITtietol: Patkin security training / PATK
11.2003 ITkäyttö: Windows XP Professional / Tieturi
09.2003 ITohjelm: ARK-training (ARS Remedy) / PATK
04.2003 OTHER: Problem-Solving Training Part 2 / Rastor
03.2003 OTHER: Problem-Solving Training Part 1 / Rastor

Other training courses

09.1997-03.1999 ViestintäPlussa teamwork training (basics and acting in problem situations)

11.1993 Ammattikasvatushallitus (Administration of professional training)
• adjustment of activities to demand and occurrence of time

11.1992 Ammattikasvatushallitus (Administration of professional training)
• solution-oriented problem handling module


Certificate: Talend Open Studio Certification
Issued by: Talend
Year: 2012

Certificate: SAS ® Certified Base Programmer for SAS ® 9
Issued by: SAS Institute
Year: 2009

Certificate: F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security - Internet Shield
Issued by: F-Secure Corporation
Year: 2004

Certificate: F-Secure Policy Manager
Issued by: F-Secure Corporation
Year: 2004

Other Information

Language Skills

• Finnish: Native
• Estonia: Understand
• English: Good
• Sweden: Passable

Driving License

• ABCE * Kuopio 1988


• Completed 10.1987-10.1988 Oulu ITPtsto
• Group Leader / non-commissioned officer
• A reserve military rank: sergeant

Hobbies :

Computers, Music, Hi-Fi, Member of Mensa, etc.

IT experience

Levels: 1 = study 2 = practical experience 3 = work experience 4 = Good 5 = Expert


Description Level Time

Project Management

The project design43 yrs
Project Supervision 4Since 2006
Proces Planning 42 yrs
Proces Supervision 42 yrs
Problem Solution57 yrs
Automatization31 yr


Automated reporting36 mth

Production Control

BMC ARS Remedy46 yrs
BMC ITSM 711 yr

BI, ETL, ELT etc.

Talend 54Since 2011
SAS 8.2 - 9.35Since 2005
SAS DIS 3.4 - 4.54Since 2005
QlikView 8.5 - 9.021 yr
SharePoint WSS 2.0 - 3.044 yr
SharePoint MOSS 2007/201013 mth
SQL Server Reporting Services 200722 yrs


ITIL v.235 yrs
ITIL v.313 mth


Excel5Since 1993
SAS4Since 2005
EnterpriseGuide3Since 2005
ITRM34 yrs
ITCM24 yrs


MS SQL Server33 yrs
SAS4Since 2005
Oracle32 yrs
TeraData23 mth

Operating Systems

DOS5Since 1984
Windows workstation
(3.11 –> 7)
4/5Since 1993
Windows server
(NT –> 2008 Server)
3/4Since 2005
z/OS35 yrs
Linux22 yrs
Unix16 mth


VM-Ware3Since 2008
VM-Ware Server2Since 2009
Sun Virtualbox3Since 2008
Windows Virtual PC2Since 2012

Programming Languages

SAS4Since 2005
Java2Since 2012
SQL3Since 2008
Basic42 yrs
C16 mth
C++16 mth